1. Open to all members of the “National” Ski Programs in any member discipline of the Canadian Snowsports Association.
    2. Applicants must have been a member of the “National Team”, (verified by their Discipline National Office), for at least one year. This could include National Senior, Junior and/or National Development Teams.
    3. The applicant wishes to further their education program and would be “unable” do so without assistance from the Fondation Ski Canada Foundation” -Hugh Pomeroy Memorial Scholarship Fund.
    4. Applicants not meeting all the necessary eligibility requirements, but for some unusual circumstance feel they should be considered, may apply to the Scholarship Committee of the Fondation Ski Canada Foundation with a full and very detailed request explaining these “unusual circumstances” attached to the application. Although this clause will be seldom used, it is intended that the Fondation Ski Canada Foundation” will have the opportunity to deal with an “unusual circumstance”.
    1. Applications will be received by the Scholarship Committee up to and including June 30th of each year, with no exceptions. Applications received after June 30th shall NOT be considered.
    2. Applications are available on the Canadian Snowsports Association web site at or, through your National Discipline Office. Applicants are required to submit a new application for each year they are seeking a scholarship. The Fondation / Foundation, at its discretion, shall determine the number of scholarships, (along with Values), available to any individual.
    3. All applications shall be forwarded to, and received, by the Scholarship Committee at the address indicated on the application form, by the deadline (See 2A above).
    4. The Scholarship Committee shall meet annually to review the applications and take the necessary steps required to determine the validity of all applicants.
    5. By early summer, no later than August 1st, the Fondation / Foundation will verify and award scholarships:
      1. determining the recipients
      2. setting scholarship values
      3. obtaining Board approval
      4. mailing or emailing a letter to advise “all” applicants
    6. The amount of the grants under this Scholarship Fund shall be determined by the funds available in any year, the number of approved applicants, and the individual assessment of the need of each applicant by the Scholarship Committee.
    7. An announcement of the stewardship of the Hugh Pomeroy Memorial Scholarship program “may” be made annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Snowsports Association, upon a reasonable time request by the Canadian Snowsports Association’s Board of Directors.
    8. Payment of any awarded Scholarship shall be paid on a payment schedule as determined by the Scholarship Committee, (normally 1/2 may be paid in September; and, and the second half in January, upon receiving proper documentation supporting continued enrollment.)
    9. Applicants will be required to provide the Foundation with “Proof of Enrollment” before any funds are released. Any applicant having received a Pomeroy Scholarship in any prior year, (to the current application), will also be required to supply “Proof of Successful Completion” of studies supported by a Fondation / Foundation Scholarship.
    Any decision of the Scholarship Committee may be appealed to the Fondation Ski Canada Foundation Board of Directors. Any decision on the appeal by the Fondation / Foundation Board shall be final and binding.
    All application information and proceedings to determine the Scholarship Grants shall be strictly confidential.
    The “Hugh Pomeroy Memorial Scholarship” shall be administered by a Committee of not less than three (3) persons appointed by the Fondation / Foundation’s Board of Directors, at their first meeting immediately following the Fondation / Foundation’s Annual General Meeting.
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