Wendy Buda
March 17, 1978 – February 17, 1992

Wendy Buda died in a skiing accident in February 1992.

She was an elite alpine skier in the Southern Ontario Division (now Alpine Ontario Alpin – AOA) and her father, Stan D. Buda established a memorial scholarship fund in her name. Through family donations and fundraising the fund has grown substantially.

The mission of the Fund is to financially assist ski athletes and to recognize exceptional all-round performance and contribution through scholarships and performance awards determined by the Trustees and Selection Committee.

AOA elite male and female alpine racers (ages 13 – 19) are eligible.

The actual fund is held and invested by the Community Foundation for Greater Ontario (CFGT). A registered charity, the CFGT acts (as many other community foundations across Canada) as a central charitable body for a number of local “city” funds and is responsible for the administration thereof.

As a result of the “skiing” mission of the Fund, the Fondation Ski Canada Foundation (FSCF) was approached to become the vehicle through which awards would be made.

In simple terms, the CFGT passes funds to FSCF which in turn disburses them to the athletes selected.

FSCF is responsible for issuing the necessary income tax forms to the recipients.